Make memories with a meal at


Make memories with a meal at ​


With close to a 150-seat capacity, Mangrove is the perfect venue to bring your staff night out, private functions, and or business gatherings. With great food and Bring Your Own Bottle, make Mangrove the place you make memories this year.  

Pre Ordering

Pre Ordering ​

For your special event

For your special event

We advise all customers to pre-order their meals for large groupings. This is to ensure ultimate efficiency on our behalf while allowing you to relax and enjoy your dining experience fully. Feel free to use our Pre-Ordering template below. This can be emailed to us at 

Korma / Chili Korma ​

Korma / Chili Korma

The classic creamy coconut based dish, have it the original British way or go for the Mangrove special ‘Chili Korma’. 

Palak ​


Spinach dish filled with aromatic layers of fried garlic, peppers, ginger, and cumin. 

Muglai ​


A zesty, spicy, and slightly sweet dish in a thick sticky sauce.  Flavours of lemon, chili, and ginger. 


We are a BYOB restaurant meaning you are more than welcome to bring your own Beers, Wines or Ciders. 

We have a strict no spirits and no soft drinks policy.  

There is a corkage fee of £2 Per Person.  

The taking home of your own bottle no longer waive the fees. This was a promotional offer that we ran for our opening month.