Behind The Spice

Our Restaurant

Our Restaurant

With over thirty years in the business, MANGROVE has been built by a team of passionate foodies. We love the fresh produce that comes from Scotland; the meats, vegetables and fruits. We also love the spices and aromatics that come from India. That is why at MANGROVE we have brought the two together. To form the perfect fusion dishes that are catered for every palate


Indian Food Since 1980

Family Is Everything


Our Family​

Our Family

From young kids we have worked in the Indian Restaurant Industry. Seeing all walks of life, from generation to generation. Here at Mangrove, we have extended our family with staff that are motivated in giving you the best customer service. 

Homemade Food

Homemade Food​

Many of our recipes come straight from how our Mother’s would make it. We bring together both Scottish and Desi family cooking in a way that is modern and full of flavour.

authentic with a twist

Authentic With A Twist

We get really excited by food. From our travels across India, Bangladesh and Nepal we have tried the strange, exciting and mouthwatering. At Mangrove, we want to share these flavours with you.

Modern Indian Restaurant

Modern Indian Restaurant

The Concept

The Concept

We truly believe that eating out should be an experience. That’s why at Mangrove we have put a huge amount of thought into the design. By blending the rustic and the trendy. Dining in will be a truly mesmerising experience 


We are a BYOB restaurant meaning you are more than welcome to bring your own Beers, Wines or Ciders. 

We have a strict no spirits and no soft drinks policy.  

There is a corkage fee of £2 Per Person.  

The taking home of your own bottle no longer waive the fees. This was a promotional offer that we ran for our opening month.