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Food should be exciting. Memories, emotions and joy should be brought to every dinner table. At Mangrove we want customers to make memories. With over thirty years in the Indian Restaurant business we think it’s about time for some change. By using local produce with sustainable packaging we provide a contemporary and fresh vision when it comes to Indian food,

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Great Flavors

Desi Mince & tatties

Authentic Keema and potato curry cooked with Munro’s Butchers Beef Mince Meat. Served with soft chapatis.

Mama's Biryani

Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable spiced rice, sealed with naan bread. Just like mama would make. Served with Raita and Popadoms.

Tandoori Makhanwala

The classic cheese curry, topped with a golden crisp crust.  Served with crispy Garlic Naan Fries.

Kerala King Prawns

Base of spiced coconut and green chili puree topped with marinated charred King Prawns. With Shatkora Rice and Lemon glazed salad

We Believe

Food Is Important

That’s why we have ensured every dish is catered for all palates. By using the best of Scotland Produce we aim to create fusion flavours that keep you wanting more.


are everything

Booking A table for Friday/Saturday?

Please book ONLY for these time slots :


18:00 – 20:00  

20:00 -22:30

Any tables booked out-with these time slots will have their reservation rejected. 


We are a BYOB restaurant meaning you are more than welcome to bring your own Beers, Wines or Ciders. 

We have a strict no spirits and no soft drinks policy.  

There is a corkage fee of £2 Per Person.  

The taking home of your own bottle no longer waive the fees. This was a promotional offer that we ran for our opening month.